About my work…

These cartoons are my creations. Other works have stimulated ideas, especially those by the superb cartoonist Gary Larson. If you believe a cartoon is already copyright protected, please contact me at MAZlackaty@mail.com . Title your email subject, “Copyright” and cite the original source. If you are correct, I will remove my material. I welcome and appreciate these advisories.

I am by nature a realist oil painter who finds cartoons a quick, fun release. I enjoy spontaneous ideas, sudden inspiration and irony. None of the specific details of my life are particularly pertinent to these cartoons, so I omit them. If you haven’t quite figured it out by now, “Zlackaty” is an alias.

I use irony in my humor, and draw cartoons as illustrations. I do not intentionally ridicule subjects to insult them. However, nothing is sacred and everything is considered.

Derogatory messages to me are deleted, none are answered. Some works are not universally acceptable and may seem distasteful. I am not politically correct. None of my work is appropriate for children. If you are very sensitive or do not enjoy irony, adult humor, mockery, satire, sarcasm, parody or biting humor, you may leave my site by clicking this link: http://disney.com/.

You may re-blog cartoons with my copyright notice.

Legal Notice (because there are always attorneys who spoil any fun): I do not want anyone to misinterpret these cartoon. Please note that my cartoons are opinions and theoretical positions. They are not factual or actual representations. Although I may fail, my cartoons are intended as parody, irony, and as funny, humorous, comedic ideas. My characters and characterizations are my inventions and special observations.


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