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Donald Wins An Award

Cartoonist’s Comment:
Donald’s problem is not a lie. The question becomes, can that person be trusted? Donald repeatedly compromises his credibility. This goes back many years.
We expect politician to lie. Donald set a new standard: he always lies and is completely untrustworthy. This is dangerous in finance, trade and diplomacy. (Forget about wife Melania.)
An excellent summary is David Barstow’s “Up is Down: Unreality Show Echoes a History of False Claims,” NY Times, January 29, 2017.


Donald’s Rotten Choice

Cartoonist’s Comment:
Betsy DeVos is Donald’s pick for Secretary of Education. Many people believe she was considered because her family donated $200 million to Republican candidates and causes. She is not prepared for this job. Her position on guns in schools was disclosed during confirmation testimony January 17, 2017. (
Gat is slang, “…meaning gun. Came from shortening Gattling gun to just gat.” (

Exclude, Elude and Delude: Ms. DeVos

Cartoonist’s Comment:
Betsy DeVos is Donald’s unfortunate appointment as Secretary of Education. He will be responsible for her unsuitable decisions and mistakes. Behind Donald sit the ill-informed, short-sighted voters who elected him. As Donald likes to tweet: “SAD!”
DeVos is widely thought to have been nominated after her very rich family donated more than $200 million to Republican candidates and causes. Her congressional hearing was a humiliating disaster, provoking scathing late night satire. Her faulty knowledge base was magnified by misunderstood questions, refusals to answer and confused, disjointed replies. She appeared as America’s most ignorant and dumbest blonde.
“Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room” was a Brownsville Station hit song in 1973, and popularized again by Motley Crue in 1985.

A SIGN of the Times

Cartoonist’s comment:
Our 33rd president, Harry Truman, kept a sign on his desk: The BUCK STOPS here. President Truman was a man of integrity, balance and honest statesmanship. He stands in stark contrast to Stevie Bannon, Donald’s chief mudslinger and prejudiced jingoist.       (
Donald makes White House appointments. Choices reflect his standards, which are broadcast to the public through actions and statements. Bannon is widely recognized as an uncompromising, bigoted misogynist. Are these the values Donald wants in America?