New Series is Added to The Trump Follies

A Thought Experiment:

I’m pretty sure nobody makes investments recommended by: (1) an inexperienced, marginally educated person, (2) who inherited her wealth, (3) never worked for her pay, (3) never suffered the drudgery of a job, (4) hasn’t made critical business decisions, (5) has no management skill, (6) has zero sympathy for workers, (7) never personally fired someone and seen pure depression.

Yet enough folks wasted their votes to elect her bankrupt dad President. Go figure. Strange things happens.

So here’s my result, and a new series: Ivanka decides to help improve our welfare. (Hey! Stop laughing! Listen!!) Still, she’s just gotta add a little something for herself. It’s absurd and ridiculous—the fundamentals of satire. The result: Ivanka’s Financial Advice Column.


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