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New Astronomical Phenomenon

Van Allen Belt_R
We are grateful the Van Allen Belt protects the earth from cosmic rays. Scientists do not yet understand Billy’s Suspenders. The collision promises some surprises…


The Nuclear Family, #2

Couldn’t resist this weak, doubled-up cartoon. It’s mate, The Nuclear Family #1, was posted two days ago, if you have trouble with details.
Okay, yeah, fine, stop yelling; I promise not to draw the same solution to trash disposal again.

The Nuclear Family, #1

Cartoonist’s Note: Actually I am a strong proponent of nuclear and other renewable energies. I took a Coursera course on nuclear energy a few months ago and, although it may be at least temporarily unpopular, I am convinced it is safe, efficient and a solid, practical alternative, especially for fossil fuel energy. I will not use this venue as a speaker’s platform. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity of poking at least a slight bit of fun at our very capable, cautious and brilliant nuclear engineers. I trust they have a sense of humor and will forgive my trespasses (as we forgive those who trespass against us…).

Tires, Shocks and …

Tires, Shocks---R
Cartoonist’s Note: Apologies to Followers, my internet connection these last days has been terrible–nonexistant–so there was no way to upload. Ordinarily I like to upload one cartoon a day, so I am in the penalty box. I got lucky today but unsure about the next week. Thanks for being patient! M.A.Z.